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About Ex Cinis

Ex Cinis is a well-organized established Horde guild on the realm Gorgonnash in the World of Warcraft that rose from the ashes on August 30th, 2006. Many of our core members are experienced gamers and real-life friends. We aspire to balance good times and solidarity with express attention to and execution of raiding. We like nothing more than to have fun leveling our characters and wreaking havoc on end-game content. We participate in a lot of PvE events as well as instance runs and group quests, old school raids and achievements. While we may at times appear to be a boisterous bunch, we are in fact honorable, highly skilled, dedicated, responsible, and reliable players whom not only play well as a team, but also individually or in situations with others outside our guild.

The intent of Ex Cinis is to be one of the best 10 man raiding guilds with adult players (18 and over**). First and foremost, all of our members are required to have fun while playing. We do understand real life takes priority, members have varying work schedules and other issues to deal with outside WoW. When players no longer feel they are having fun playing, an assessment of personal game play may become a necessity. We are currently working on getting all of our members versed and rotated in pursuit of end-game content. Experienced to semi-experienced players are welcome to apply and join our ranks.

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